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Welcome to the Medipense Shop where RxPense® products and some accessories recommended by Medipense are available for purchase. The RxPense® Hub is only sold B2B to managed care agencies, pharmacies, residences and facilities who cater to the world’s largest growing demographic – our seniors! If you are one of these businesses and interested in purchasing the RxPense Hub, please submit a Request for Quote.

If you have purchased an RxPense® Hub, you may sign up for subscription to the RxPense® management portal. For all other consumers or patients, better medication management and adherence is available in the RxPense® Care portal. The signup process for access requires the purchasing of a license key and subscription. These may be purchased by selecting the RxPense® Care (First Signup) bundle.

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Medipense certified accessories are either designed by Medipense to work well with the RxPense Hub or are sold here as a matter of convenience to our customers.
Authentication and access products, compatible with the RxPense Hub. These products are certified compatible to ensure secure access to each device.

The RxPense® supports market leading Eco-Pill®, Distrimedic, DisPill® and other blister package types which can hold up to 15 medications per dose! If you do not already have some, purchase sample starter packages here.

RxPense® Care is our software based service, to help you manage your medications, help caregivers and clinicians to monitor you and to help family member remain connected and updated with your adherence data. In addition, RxPense® Care can be used by Pharma companies and CROs to perform and monitor Clinical Trials, anywhere in the world. Sign up for a subscription here.
Explore products specifically selected for their compatibility with the RxPense and digital health. From our base in Canada, we can also sell internationally.