Panique Panic Button and Fall Detector, Wireless

$59.95 for now and $9.95 for each 1 month

Panique Panic Button and Fall Detector, connected wirelessly to RxPense® unit.

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The Panique™ wireless accessory and monitoring service uses the connected features of the RxPense® to ensure help is available when needed. It works like a personal security device with a panic button and fall detector. It communicates these alerts exclusively with the RxPense®.

Panique™ Features

  • Emergency Help: Pressing the Emergency Help button immediately notifies your emergency contacts that you need help.
  • Automatic Fall Detection: Automatic Fall Detection with built-in sensors will notify caregivers of your emergency, even when you can not.
  • RxPense RFID Tag: The Panique can also serve as your secure identification when it is time to take your medications. When prompted, simply tap the pendant on the RxPense® Unlock symbol and your dose will be dispensed as scheduled.
  • 100% Waterproof: Lightweight and waterproof. Can be worn in the shower or bath.
  • 300+ ft. Range: Panique can transmit to the RxPense® throughout your condo, apartment, residence or home. The range is sufficient to broadcast into most back yards and gardens outside the home.
  • 3 Year Battery Life: Designed to last up to 3 years without a battery replacement.

Initial payment of $59.95 for the custom programmed device and $9.95 monthly subscription thereafter.

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