RxPense® Care (Monthly Subscription)

$10.00 for each 1 month

RxPense® Care is a very simple medication management and reminder service that will send you an email or SMS every time you need a reminder to take your medications, vitamins, or other events. Register for an account online and set up reminders as needed. These may be recurring, daily or specific days, or they may be one-time reminders. Enter as much or little details you would like to manage and monitor. Manage prescriptions, patients, caregivers in Clinical Trials or at Home!

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RxPense® Care is similar to the RxPense® complete solution, without the RxPense® Hub. All the features and remote management capabilities of the full RxPense® Portal, without the physical pill dispenser, and offered at a low cost subscription rate. Each subscription includes free clinician/caregiver accounts.

The RxPense® Care includes complete medication management scheduling, confirmations when consumed, and notifications to your circle of care including caregivers, health care providers and family. Help is available instantly – when you miss a dose, everyone will be alerted.

RxPense® Care is a unique service. If you have blister packaged medications, it can automatically program your dispensing times and medication details when you enter your blister package bar code. No bar code? No problem. In a few minutes, you can enter all your prescriptions and proper dosing times, regardless of what packaging your medications use. In fact you can manage all your medications with additional information like medical history, allergies, primary caregiver, family contacts and detailed information for first responders to help you quickly.

Health Care providers can use RxPense® Care to manage and remotely monitor their patients. Instant, secure video conferencing is included. See your loved ones, regardless of location. RxPense® Care is completely integrated with the RxPense® portal. In fact, you can become a full RxPense® user simply by adding an RxPense® Hub to your account.


Everyone can purchase this product. As always, Clinicians or Caregivers managing patients have free management access. To obtain a free management account, submit the RxPense Care Portal Clinician Registration Form and we will establish your account after reviewing the information provided.