RxPense® Care Prepaid SMS and/or Video Conferencing ADDON

Subscription Starts from $5.00 for each 1 month

Need more SMS or Video Conferencing time? Prepay and save on recurring SMS charges. Each RxPense Care basic patient account includes up to 600 SMS segments per month and 1 hour of Video Conferencing. This is sufficient for 20 SMS reminders daily and 4 x 15 minute video sessions with a caregiver. If you are sending more reminders, or need to send to additional caregivers or clinicians, prepay at a discount now.


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Text messages and video conferencing are excellent ways to quickly send alerts, notifications and conduct visual meetings in the safety of your home or residence. The RxPense comes with a high limit of messages to be sent and 1 hours of video conferencing time. If you regularly need addition time or have many caregivers and exceed the number of SMS messages sent, you may purchase blocks of time or messages by prepaying. Without prepaying, you will be charged the full rate for any overages experienced in the previous month.

Note: Email reminders and messages are always free!


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500 SMS, 500 SMS + 1 HOUR Video Conferencing, 1 HOUR Video Conferencing